Simplify operations and sharing of information between startups, mentors, investors, and partners

Meet Flitepath: Our integrated approach to managing innovation and entrepreneurship programs.



“Flitepath helps us ensure we are running our incubator and accelerator programs efficiently and that our entrepreneurs are performing every day. Having access to real-time metrics and assessments of our impact at the individual and team level keeps all of us on track- everyone is accountable. Our mentors, startups, and stakeholders are all engaged in the process.”

Lee Watson, CEO & Founder, Arkansas Venture Center

“Their educational platform and program resources are world class.”

James Lant, Founding Director, Strome Entrepreneurial Center, Old Dominion University

“The Flitepath platform solves several of the challenges we have in running a large scale innovation program. Now we can run a virtual cohort with all the educational content and resources they need and have the KPIs and level of assessment we need with our innovators and mentors spread across the country.”

Andrea Ippolito, VA Innovators Network Lead, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Flitepath keeps your program and participants on track!

Flitepath provides a seamless, integrated platform for managing all aspects of entrepreneurship and innovation programs.

Existing Approach

Improvised, ad hoc solution, stringing together a variety of tools with no centralized standard


Unified solution that brings together exclusive content from top mentors, best-of-breed applications



  • Venture profile creation and setup
  • Educational content and usage (ours or yours or both)
  • Portfolio Management (Entrepreneur and venture level)
  • Event/Meeting/Deliverable management - Calendars/iCal
  • Management of mentor network
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Venture- and Product-level Metrics
  • Notifications
  • Slack integration (Coming soon!)

Spend Your Time on Innovation, Not Administration!


Save Time

Using a single, integrated system to manage venture programs saves time and avoids errors. With Flitepath, we take a holistic approach, with an end-to-end solution that replaces disparate spreadsheets, external calendars, CRMs, and document repositories. We believe in making the administration of accelerator programs as simple as possible so managers can devote more time to entrepreneurs.


Track Resources

Our platform allows entrepreneurs and program staff to schedule, document, track, and evaluate mentoring sessions, as well as collaborate with each other and access real-time data and metrics. We believe that such transparency of resources, tracking and evaluation ensures that programs run smoothly and that issues identified quickly maximize the program’s effectiveness


Deploy Anywhere, Immediately

Our platform is cloud-based, allowing for immediate deployment to any device, without additional investment in hardware or development. We believe that entrepreneurs should have access to world-class, curated videos and written content wherever and whenever. Our platform gives entrepreneurs the guidance they need to scale their businesses; content is divided into different themes and industries to support entrepreneurs across a broad spectrum.

Customized to YOUR Needs

Simplifying Operational Management

Manage speaking engagements, mentoring sessions events and meetings with mail notification and syncing to external calendars such as Google and Outlook

Real-time visibility into program impact

Central location for educational and program content and resources (videos, course overviews, slides, etc.)

Efficient and effective turnkey solution to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem

Our platform includes curated, world-class content delivered through documents and videos focused on providing entrepreneurs with the guidance needed to successfully scale their businesses.

Tracking of entrepreneur/venture engagement

Facilitate communications and knowledge sharing between startups, mentors, partners, investors and key stack

Access to venture and cohort performance data

Tracking of venture metrics including burn rate, run rate, funds raised, milestone attainment (planned vs actual)